Project Manager Generator for bash scripts on web interface

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PROject MAnager & GENerator

How it work’s?

Web service on browser is using console for executing bash scripts on server/pc/iot device

Start and maintaince is so simple, without using terminal and many lines of scripts code Now for each project can be easly access to seolve problems & maintanance project without experts.


Thanks this, you can faster do something without spending time for writing Special solution for mobile devices!

Be faster! … more touching, less writing


the first version of apicra tool, just for testing web interface and terminal console This project is using apicra-devops scripts to execute in console on many platform: Windows, Linux, iOS


This tool will be used instead of apicra tool, with:

WebBrowser client for terminal console

How to use?

NodeJS Installation

Create Application

Scann xampp projects

Run Command from any docker

show console result

possible to restart docker with defaults from command line?


npm install shelljs
npm install opn
npm install fs-path
npm install ini
npm install --save os-homedir


npm install shelljs

Start APP

npm start


Make for each folder, by param     
user folders/
xampp path


is prepared for differents group of users, depends user experience

Users with no programming or administration experience

Software developers

Admin / DevOps